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The article deals with an address by Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria in which he pledged to settle the crisis of the seven Christians detained for attempting to take a Christian girl from al-Fayyūm who had converted to Islam.
An investigative report into the arrest of seven young men in the al-Marj district and the demonstrations that followed.
Copts in al-Muqattam protested against the illegitimate arrests of four priests and relatives of a Christian girl who converted to Islam and married a Muslim.
Subtitles: Ibn Khaldoun Center sets a sectarian mutiny ablaze in Egypt. A call for federal Coptic rule, and to arm all minorities in the Arab world. The UN charter about minorities, an outset to the crumbling colonization plan in the area. El-Sha’ab of July 18, accuses Dr. Saad el-Din...
Muhammad al-Bāz comments on a recent article by Bishop Bīshouy in Nidā’ al-Watan [Reviewer: The call of home], a locally circulated newspaper published from Alexandria, in which the bishop harshly criticized Kamāl Zākhir Mūsá, Dr. George Habīb Bibāwī and Rev. Ikrām Lam‘ī for writing articles for al...
The article responds to the questions regarding the Pope’s attitude towards the dissident Maximus.
Amīrah ‘Abd al- Salām interviews self-proclaimed Archbishop Maximus on topics such as polygamy, links with the U.S and his relationship with the mother Coptic Orthodox church.
The author writes about the ongoing Islamization of Egypt. In this article he describes the historical Arabization of Egypt.
The review deals with the controversial issue of Max Michel, who defected from the official Coptic Orthodox Church and set up his own church proclaiming himself patriarch. He recently visited the United States.
The author describes his visit to the al-Muqattam Monastry and to the cave of St. Polā.


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