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Kamal Zākhir, the Founder of the Secular Coptic Current, has undergone a harsh attack on the social networking sites after the sermon he delivered in Mary Girgis Church at al-Qulalī district, Cairo; moreover, the sermon created controversy between the conservative and reformist currents in the...
The Catholic denomination in Cairo has rejected what is considered Pope Shenouda’s justifications for a CD attributed to Bishop Bīshūy on which he accused non-Orthodox Christians of apostasy and claimed that they would not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
Bin Laden and his terrorist followers, who escaped from Egypt, imagined that Egypt could be a stage for their malicious operations. Their first target was to strike the symbols of the state, the cultured and the intellectuals, and to create a moral dread within Egyptians. Their second target was...
Celebrating the Evangelical Church’s 150 years of ministry in Egypt, Munā al-Mallākh writes on the history of Evangelicalism in Egypt.
Pastor Shawqi Nabaeh Istas brought the head of the Free Methodist Churches Council and the head of the Evangelical church before the Court of Administrative Justice. Istas wants to cancel the decision taken to depose him and freeze his membership of the General council.
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