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Bishop Thomas (known as Maurice Shawqī prior to his consecration) was born in 1957 and is the Bishop of the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of al-Qūsīyah and Mīr in Assīūṭ, Egypt. When he first arrived to al-Qūsīyah, Bishop Thomas had big ideas about changes he wanted to make toward raising his...
The following lines provide a resume of the history of the celebration of the Holy Family celebrated annually in the Upper Egyptian village of Jabal al-Tayr. Moreover, the media shed light on the influence of the financial crisis in Egypt on the celebration.
The problem of the unrestricted power of those high up in the Egyptian Church resurfaces once in a while. A situation in which a bishop has the power to dictate his orders at will, cause trouble for many people and still keep his position can have disastrous consequences for the church.
The calls to revive the Coptic language are opposed by those who fear that this may cause the total social isolation of the Copts inside Egyptian society.
Jirjis Hilmī ‘Āzir discusses the thorny issue of Egyptian Christians converting to Islam.
This article gives an overview of the journey of the Holy Family in Egypt, by shedding light upon a book written on the subject by three writers specialized in Christian archeology, Egyptian religious affairs and the New Testament and history of the church.
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman had been invited to give a lecture on his work for the RNSAW at a conference on "Media and Interreligious Dialogue" in Vienna, Austria on November 8 and 9. The conference had been organized by the International Press Institute in Vienna, the Department of Communication Science...
Egypt opened its doors to receive Jesus Christ, the Child that was born in Bethlehem and came to Egypt to escape from Herod the king. Blessing came everywhere He went. Once again we go around with the holy caravan the moved and crossed borders, climbed mountains, walked in deserts, and crossed...
An overview of all the sites of the Holy Family with an overview of where currently sites are being restored.


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