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Announcement of the visit of the Pope to Amman, Jerusalem, and the Palestinian territories.
Egypt’s top diplomat in Iran said Tehran’s decision to name a street after the assassin of president Anwar Sadat was one of the chief obstacles to restoring full diplomatic ties with the country, Iranian papers said on August 25.
The results of last week’s municipal elections, in which Islamists won main municipalities, showed that the relationship between the government and opposition parties is on the mend. The results, which were released on Friday following a one-day extension of the vote due to low turnout, were...
In Jordan, where traditional values still hold sway in a rapidly modernizing society, a woman’s "honor" is sometimes worth more than her life. Just the suspicion that she could have lost her virginity before marriage, willingly or not, can prompt vengeful relatives to kill a daughter or sister to...
Interior Minister Habib El-Adli said, "Terrorism is now denounced by people who had previously sympathized with underground groups, believing them to be Islamists preaching religion."
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