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 Stephen Cook, employee of the American Ministry of Foreign Relations and specialist in affairs of the Middle East, claims that Erdogan requested Mursī’s release in order to improve Turkish relations with Egypt. However, it is clear that the release of the former Egyptian President is not a...
Headline: Extremist Jews Curse the Prophet Muhammad in Occupied JerusalemSource: Al-DustūrPages: 1Author: Ahmad Sulaymān Keywords: Muhammad ---------------------------------- Headline: Somalia's Youth Movement and Islamic Party Unite in One Armed GroupSource: Al-Sharq al-AwsatPages: 14Author:...
Kurds will never be main players in their region because of their reliance on the American occupiers, who will eventually, accompanied by their agents, leave.
The author discusses the pope’s recent visit to Turkey, and emphasizes the intellectual battle raging between the West and the religious ideology of today, both in the Vatican and in militant Islam.
Islamic awakening affects democracy, making the political contribution of the Muslim Brotherhood even more difficult, as the author presents some of the problems that may face society if the Muslim Brotherhood takes authority.
A critique of the Egyptian government’s handling of the Sudanese refugees protesting in Cairo.
Annemarie Schimmel, who died last year, was a Professor of Islamic studies around the world, and obtained two PhDs, one on Mameluk civilization in Egypt and the other on the history of religions and the position of Islam among divine religions.
In this interview, the Secretary General of the Orgnization of the Islamic conference, speaks about his personal life, his position, how he was chosen as secretary general, and the Islamic role of his institution.
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