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Background: The Battle of Tsorona was part of the ongoing Eritrean–Ethiopian border conflict. This conflict started on the 6th of May, 1998 and has continued to the present in the form of periodic clashes between the Eritrean and Ethiopian armies. The last battle fought in Tsorona was in 2016. It...
The following study aims to explain the process of racism by defining both the biological and social concept of race. The author subsequently builds on this to describe the question of racism of Somalis in Cairo, Egypt.
129,292 copies of the Qur`an and its translation [will be given] to a number of institutions world wide.
An overview of the history of the Jews in Yemen over the past 100 years. Emigration from Yemen was supported by the Zionist movement. But, says the author, instead of coming into the promised land they came in a country where they were discriminated.
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