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Drs. Hulsman’s report discusses the state of past and present relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. The paper opens by giving information about Pope Shenouda III and the most important incidents that have taken place during his reign. The second half of the paper then looks at specific...
Two Coptic girls have disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
Muṣṭafá Wahīsh reports on Coptic orthodox priests of Kom Ombo in Aswan donating the sum of 20,000 L.E. to build a big mosque as a token of tolerance and coexistence between Muslims and Copts.
The author talks about al-Burhāniyyah, a Ṣūfī method which has been legally banned at Egypt, but there is an attempt to return it back through distributing a Masbahah and a paper containing incorrect names for Prophet Muhammad.
Middle East Christians Association issued statistics on the number of churches and mosques in Egypt.
The following presents a report on poverty in Egypt, and specifically how this issue is being addressed by the Coptic Orthodox Church in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of Egyptians.
Drs. Cornelis Hulsman writes in response to Tarek Heggy’s article entitled, ‘If I were a Copt.’ He writes from the perspective of a Muslim citizen, and stresses the issues that he believes are of significance and require attention.
The secularist orientation of the ruling class and the U.S’ pressure inflicted on them to disseminate secularism in Egypt prompted Muhammad al-‘Umdah to establish the Popular Movement to Resist Secularism.
International Religious Freedom Report 2006, released by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.
Al-Ahali has reported that the security services foiled an attempt to supply runaway members of the Gama?at al-Islāmīyah in Upper Egypt with weapons and ammunition. It has added that Muhammad al-Islamboli is against the ideological reconsiderations of the group. The Gama?at al-Islāmīyah have...


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