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The article gives a brief overview of Christian tourism in Egypt. The writer gives examples of churches and monasteries and of its grand history that attract tourists worldwide.
The collaboration between Sādāt and Islamist groups has taken many different forms, including the so-called "Muslim markets."
Reviewer: ‘Amr al-Misrī One person has been killed and around 17 injured in Muslim-Christian clashes in the village of al-‘Udaysāt, Luxor, after Muslims allegedly attacked a church, which had been built without a license. A local priest accused the security forces of being slow to intervene.
Many people believe that female circumcision is an important social and religious custom that ushers girls into womanhood.
The press report that the Muslim Brotherhood have spent 28 million LE on election propaganda, and that their slogan, ’Islam is the solution’, is simply used to avoid providing detailed solutions to Egypt’s problems.
This report explains the escalations following the alleged conversion of a priest’s wife to Islam. Much background is given to the cultural context that explain why such an issue is so sensitive in Egypt. The report also shows that several of the organizers of the demonstration in Cairo have done...
The article is a comment by Montasser Al-Zayyat on the criticism Ayman Al-Zawahri leveled against him in his recently found memoirs "Fersan taht rayet el-nabiy" [Knights under the Flag of the Prophet]. He said he was surprised, like others, at the text of the initiative being read in the Military...
Rafi Ahmed Taha, a prominent leader of the Gama’a Al-Islamiya, accused Egyptian authorities of being responsible for the killing of fundamentalist leader Alaa’ Abdel Razaq Atia, and one of his accomplices in a clash with the Egyptian security forces in Aswan on October 19.
"The Statement of the Hundred" that was published in the same place last week was divided into three parts: a call to the nation, recommendations to the officials, and a list with the hundred names who had signed this statement. Starting from this week, we will screen the reactions to the...
The full, published text of the EOHR’s Special Report on the Al-Kosheh incident.


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