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The Taliban ruling Afghanistan denied recent reports about its agreement to exchange two Americans, who were accused, with another six aid workers, of Christian missionary activity in Afghanistan, for Omar Abdel Rah...
The Muslim Community and the Muslim Lebanese Union replaced Shaykh al-Hilālī, an Egyptian, with Shaykh Sāfī, Lebanese, to undertake the responsibilities of mūftī. As a result, demonstrations were held to protest the decision.
This article says the Australian Muftī was wrong to compare unveiled women to uncovered meat, and that only perverts regard women as sexual objects.
Twenty nine Arab citizens are involved in the most important trial in the Spanish history
The author writes about various German reports about the kidnapping of an Egyptian by American special forces and claims that he was tortured.
The author, Mark Malek, attended a mission trip to Fiji and talks about his experiences with the Coptic community there.
The speech of Australia’s Muftī, Shaykh Tāj al-Dīn al- Hilālī, during the holy month of Ramaḍān in which he described women who do not wear the veil as ’uncovered meat’ that attracts sexual predators caused heated controversy around Australia yesterday.
The author discusses the issue of the ordination of women in various Christian denominations and traditions.
There are about ten thousand religions all over the world. This article ranks them in terms of number of religious adherents and describes where the majority of each religion is to be found.
Muslims in the West are responsible for showing the real image of Islam. They can play a negative role when they react in a fundamental way.


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