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The organization of anti-racial discrimination in New South Wales, Australia, conducted an investigation of anti-Islamic pamphlets distributed by the One Nation Party. The pamphlet calls for stopping the building of mosques and Islamic schools.
In preparation for elections in New South Wales, the One Nation Party in Australia distributed anti-Islam pamphlets. It accused the government of attracting Muslims´ votes by selling them lands for the purpose of building a mosque – which they believe will lead to dire consequences.
A recently published Egyptian State Information Service report examines attitudes towards and problems faced by Muslims and Arabs in the UK, Germany and other western countries.
Pope Shenouda has been requested to intervene in the affair concerning the lies published by the journal al-Mahabba, which is under the supervision of Father Mitiās Nasr Manqarius. It is feared that the lies published by the journal and the non-substantiated accusations against Muslims and Islam...
Rā’id al-Sharqāwī reports about the Holy Synod meeting of June 18 that decided to dismiss Coptic Orthodox Bishop Mattias.
One of the most concerning phenomena in the Middle East region is the continuous declining of the number of Christians in Arab countries that it prompts a serious study about the reasons and possible results.
Saad Eddin Ibrahim does not believe that there is political intervention behind the verdict of the Court of Cassation because the Egyptian regime does not submit to pressures and President Mubarak rejects foreign intervention. He says the American President George Bush intervened in his case due to...
An article on “Adam´s sin” by monk Basilios of the Monastery of Makarios caused a conflict in the Orthodox Church. Pope Shenouda himself will investigate monk Basilios. The article is not the only reason behind investigating Basilios. He wrote three books in which he touches upon the relation...
Pope Shenouda travels to Australia on November 18 in a three-week papal visit. The visit includes meetings with children of the Egyptian community in Australia and members of the diplomatic corps
An Austrian Catholic bishop says that the Catholic religion rivals Islam. He says that Islam is not more powerful than Catholicism but simply more fanatic. He adds that Islam is not the true religion.


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