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An interview with Pope Shenouda highlighting the term of his papacy.
Dr. Maḥmūd Ḥamdī Zaqzūq argues that inter-religious dialogue will not be successful without first solving the issue of the possession of absolute truth, as dialogue cannot succeed if the participants do not accept and have a mutual respect for one another.
The article discusses a conference entitled, ‘The Status of Religious Minorities in Europe and in the Middle East.’ It highlights the topics discussed, including the need to foster inter-cultural and inter-religious dialogue, and stresses that Muslims in the Middle East should learn from their...
The Basilica of Saint Peter has recently seen the inauguration of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI, the 265th Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City 16 days after the funeral of Pope John Paul II.
Nubians who were forced to migrate from their lands and settle in other areas after the Aswan Dam was built suffer from many problems. These include a lack of enough land to cultivate, housing, unemployment, and the misdistribution of lands and compensations.
Coptic thinkers in Egypt have rejected a conference called for by expatriate Copt Dr. ‘Adlī Abādīr entitled, ‘The Rights of Minorities in the Middle East.’ The organizers have launched an aggressive attack on political authorities in Egypt, accusing them of causing a setback in social and economic...
The issue of banning the Ḥijāb as well as other religious symbols at French schools and public institutions are still occupying the Arabic press. The article gives a list of the articles published on this subject.
The author discusses Coptic heritage, and Coptic traditions in the West, particularly in Russia. He highlights the fact that many Russian’s consider themselves Orthodox Christians.
If Irving was tried and condemned for his viewpoints who would try our intellectuals, officials and clergymen who individually or collectively deny the human massacres which occurred in the Arab region such as Darfur in Sudan, Halabjah and al-Dijīl in Iraq.
The author of the article presents intellectuals’ views questioning the Holocaust.


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