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Ākhir Sā‘a reports on the spread of Sufism in Europe, particularly in Austria, noting that many Europeans believe Sufism is the heart of Islam and the way to get rid of terrorism.
The author focuses on the Coptic library of Mar Marqus which contains a large number of rare manuscripts and books, as well as Pope Shenouda’s decision to appoint 40 Coptic public figures to the library’s board of trustees.
AWR asked our former intern Maria Roeder, a student of media science at the University of Jena in Germany, to summarize a study commissioned by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Interior about Austrian media reporting on Muslims and about media from countries with Muslim majorities reporting about...
Analysis of the Denmark cartoons issue by Dr. Hasan Muhammad Wajīh, expert of linguistics of negotiation and cross-cultural communication at the Azhar University and moderator of the April 15, 2006 discussion at El-Sawy Culture Wheel on ‘Freedom of expression and respect for the other. How to...
In this article Bishop Yohanna Qulta gives an overview of the history of the Crusader wars. He expressed the opinion that in order to study the history of the Crusades, we have to remove Islam and Christianity as motives for them because, they were not directed at Islam although they were fought...
The attacks of September 11 brought forth feelings of rage against everything that has to do with Islam. Wearing a veil is considered to be an explicit sign of Islam and its political attitude. The West has attacked the veil considering it a sign of Islam and its attitudes. The West’s attack on the...
At a meeting of the foreign affairs committee of the Press Syndicate, the Austrian ambassador in Cairo, Kurt Spellinger, discussed Austria’s plans for its presidency of the European Union.
Jeff Jacoby argues that though his grandparents, aunts and uncles died at Auschwitz, Austria is committing a grave error by imprisoning David Irving for Holocaust denial, since freedom for the thought we hate, is the true test of freedom of thought.
Five–day visit of Prof. Dr. van Agt to Egypt in support of the development of CAWU. The real test of freedom of thought The Holocaust denial of David Irving.
The author discusses relations between Muslim nations and the West on an equal basis through mutual respect of both parties’ beliefs and faiths. He also refers to the different impact that religion has in the East versus the West.
Al-Wafd interviews an Austrian convert to Islam, Margarete Mackrete [Reviewer: Name not verified], who expresses her great happiness and satisfaction with her conversion.
The Holy Virgin of Al-Zaytoun Church in Vienna hosted a Ramadan evening, including an iftar dinner.
The author comments on the historical and religious status of the Azhar. He believes that the great status of the Azhar is somehow deteriorating. He discussed the reasons behind this in the light of the attitude of the Azhar towards of the fatwa of the Iraqi Transitional Ruling Council.
The writer presents a brief background on the status of Muslims in Austria from 1912 until today.
The author comments on the attempts of the US to intervene in the domestic affairs of Egypt through Copts.
Dr. Selim Naguib and Pastor McNeely have been writing inflammatory letters falsely claiming that Muslims do kidnap Christian girls in Egypt. There is no reason to doubt their sincerity but they have followed their sentiments without checking facts. The consequences of such false claims are severe...
Rā’id al-Sharqāwī reports about the Holy Synod meeting of June 18 that decided to dismiss Coptic Orthodox Bishop Mattias.
Dr. Ali Al-Saman, vice president of the Azhar Permanent Committee of Inter-Religious Dialogue, says that the world needs an international charter of dialogue. This charter should be based on two principles, namely, “No generalization in judgment” and “Yes for honest self-criticism.”
Khalid Dowran is a Muslim Arab living in America. He wrote a book titled “The Seed of Abraham…Towards an Understanding of Islam.” The book caused a wide controversy to the extent that the leader of one of the Islamic groups in Jordan issued a fatwa that charges Dowran of kufr [unbelief]. In the...
Muhammad al-Harīrī reports on the Vienna municipality’s celebrations of the new Muslim Hijrī year, the first-ever celebration of its kind in a European country, and notes the votes a Muslim received in the latest Austrian parliamentary elections.
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