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The Brotherhood participation in the democratic process, if genuine, constitutes a qualitative leap that entails the renunciation of violence, refraining from the takfīr [to rule that someone is infidel] ideology and accepting peaceful political activities as a means to reach power.
The parents of two Christian girls, Maryān and Christine, who disappeared two years ago after converting to Islam, lodged a report to the police accusing Muhammad Ahmad Ibrāhīm and Tawfīq Muhammad Tawfīq kidnapping their daughters.
Dr. Nabīl Luqā Bibāwī’s response to the questions posed by AWR concerning Yustina Saleh’s article on the second article of the Egyptian constitution.
An investigation into the Wafaa’ Costantine case, in which the wife of a Coptic priest converted to Islam, prompting sectarian strife.
In an interview with al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī, lawyer and politician Mukhtār Nouh speaks about the role of arts and literature in the Islamic state.
A discussion of sectarian tensions and citizenship rights in Egypt, based on a discussion on Watani Forum.
Dr. Samir Girgis, professor of Strategic Management in London, wrote an article under the title “Dictatorship in the Egyptian church” published on 23 August, 2004 in Sawt Al-Umma. I would like to offer answers to the questions he posed in his article.
Public Prosecutor Māhir ‘Abd al-Wāhid ordered the release of 163 persons suspected of involvement with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.
Rose al-Yousuf, March 26-April 1, 2005, AWR, 2005, week 13, art. 11 was angry about the campaign of several human rights organizations, including the Land Center for Human Rights, about the death of Nafīsa from Sarandou village in al-Buhayra. AWR asked Karam Sābir, Executive Manager of The Land...
This report explains the escalations following the alleged conversion of a priest’s wife to Islam. Much background is given to the cultural context that explain why such an issue is so sensitive in Egypt. The report also shows that several of the organizers of the demonstration in Cairo have done...


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