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Islamophobia literally means an exaggerated or irrational fear of Islam. In current times, Islamophobia is on the rise worldwide.
The article lists comments made on some of the author’s e-articles published on the Web. The comments reflect the author’s opinion on the appearance of the new dā‘iyahs and the strategies they follow to gain access into the public’s preferences.
The author presents a series of three articles reviewing memoirs of Moroccan ‘Umar al-Nāsir – the pseudonym of a spy who infiltrated al-Qā‘idah in Afghanistan at the behest of European intelligence agencies.
‘Abd Allāh Mustafá reports on the recent trend in Europe of encouraging Muslim women to wear the hijāb.
The article discusses the need for non-partisan reporting and removing emotions from articles, using Arab-West Report to exemplify the importance of such.
Du‘ā’ Mahmūd reports about the foreign policies in European countries.
The article reports on the notable increase in the Muslim population in the world.
The article reports on the study of a Belgian newspaper affirming that Muslims in the Belgian capital Brussels will comprise the majority in 20 years.
‘Abd Allāh Mustafá reports on Belgian local authorities banning official employees from wearing the hijāb or any other religious symbols.
The article reports on a decision made by the city council of Gent, the third biggest city in Belgium, to ban the wearing of Ḥijāb as well as other religious and political symbols for female employees in official departments and nurseries.


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