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British Prime Minister Tony Blair said he is seeking to hold an international conference with terror-hit countries to explore the best ways of combating terrorism. He added that al-Qā‘ida and similar organizations have targeted 26 countries since 1993.
This article is a description of the international growth of the Coptic Orthodox Church over the course of history.
The article presents a brief overview of the most important events that have happened in Egyptian churches during 2006.
A Brazilian Christian missionary distributed an e-mail with a story about the miraculous resurrection of a buried child that earlier had been discredited in an Egyptian publication. Nik Grossfield asks for care. As the Preacher says in Proverbs 15, “The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly,...
Salwa Refaat wrote the National Egyptian Heritage Foundation( NEHRA), the Ministries of Culture and Environment and the Antiquities Authority made great efforts to revive the sites on the Holy path. On the same page was an interview with Mr. Mounir Gabbour, Chairman of NEHRA. In: "The Holy Book"...
The author mentions that the Coptic Church focuses on enhancing its position abroad but at the same time neglects the basic requirements of its congregations in Egypt.
An overview of the Baha’i faith and interview with two practicing Baha’is. They discuss the Baha’is relationship with the authorities and views on women and other religions.
Their Graces Bishops Aghathoun and Yousuf from the Monastery of Anbā Boula Awwal al-Sawwāh [The Monastery of St. Paul the First Hermit] are to be ordained as bishops in Brazil and Bolivia. The ordination, the author says, highlights the significant role Pope Shenouda III plays in serving...
Rose al-Yousuf congratulates the three Egyptian Christian religious men for being chosen as members of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.
The article is about the leaders and members of Egyptian fundamentalist groups abroad. It gives their numbers and the countries they live in. It covers the allegations they are charged with and the possibility of their return to Egypt.


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