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The author recounts the story of Don Sebastian and the myths related to him and how his name is related to wishes of putting an end to Islam
The Bureau of International Symposium for Muslim Youth in Brazil a meeting for new Muslims. The meeting discussed their religious, social and scientific needs.
One of the most concerning phenomena in the Middle East region is the continuous declining of the number of Christians in Arab countries that it prompts a serious study about the reasons and possible results.
The 9th Assembly of the World Council of Churches has convened in Porto Alegre, Brazil, to discuss some key issues among which were the Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East.
The article is about the expansion of the Coptic Orthodox Church outside Egypt during the papacy of Pope Shenouda III.
Pope Shenouda III said that the World Council of Churches is supporting the Egyptian church’s endeavors to give an impetus to Muslim-Christian cooperation.
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria is chairing a meeting of the World Council of Churches held in Brazil accompanied by a delegation of senior clergymen from the Egyptian Orthodox Church.
Sourat al-‘Arab wa al-Muslimīn Fi al-Manāhij al-Dirāsīya Hawl al-‘Ālam [Image of Arabs and Muslims in school curricula all over the world] by Sulaymān Qinnāwī is a study of the stereotype of Muslims and Arabs in Western school curricula.
The author argues that the government is required to give back the Christians’ rights and dignity if they are really keen on addressing the Copts’ passive attitude towards participation in public affairs. To sustain democracy, he argues that the Copts must be sufficiently represented in parliament.
Two pieces of research, both by African scientists have stated that circumcision of both men and women protects from HIV.


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