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The Christian cassette market first emerged in the 1970s inside churches and monasteries but since the early 1990s religious songs and hymns on cassette tapes have found their way out of churches and monasteries thanks to producers and businessmen.
Coptic music becomes more and more known outside Egypt. Coptic music groups are frequently invited to sing outside Egypt.
A high level religious seminar discussed the theme "Religious Beliefs and Their Role in Preventing Communal Wars."
King Fahd ordered distribution of 40,000 copies of the Holy Qur’an and its translation to a number of institutions inside and outside the Kingdom.
Next Wednesday, 1200 Christian priests will arrive in the Sinai in order to visit Wadi Al-Raha (Al-Raha Valley) and Saint Catherine Monastery. The members of this delegation will pray special prayers on July 21 in Wadi Al-Raha at the top of Mount Saint Catherine.
Article on the Sufi artist Yassin Al-Tohami which gives some background on Sufism in Egypt.
Hafez Abou Se’da, secretary general of the Egyptian Organization for Human Rights (EOHR), admits accepting foreign funds and aid. But the charter of the organization states certain conditions for accepting funds, Se’da adds. In fact, the government itself forced them to take foreign funds, since it...


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