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This week in Silicon Valley, California, an exhibition opens on Islamic sciences in the "Golden Age", in collaboration between the National U.S.-Arab Chamber and the Tech Museum of San Jose to re-explore Islamic sciences between the 8th and 18th century. It will display exhibits from several areas...
Asmā’ Nassār wrote about a truly controversial issue; the privatization of the Azhar. She says that some of the prominent ’salafī’ Shaykhs, headed by Ja‘far Bin Idrīs, a Sudanese Shaykh, established an Islamic university in California in 1995. An exchange of scholars between this University and...
A Book review of ’Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church’, a book by a retired bishop dealing with the scandal surrounding the sexual abuse of children in the Catholic church.
Sūfī leaders in Egypt have debated a U.S. conference on international Sūfism, fearing it might lead to the spread of the Shī‘ī creed in the country.
In a meeting with expatriate Copts in the U.S., Pope Shenouda asserted that there are problems for Copts in Egypt but denied claims that there is discrimination against Copts.
An interview with Pope Shenouda highlighting the term of his papacy.
In the article the author comments on what he sees as the changes in Egyptian society in recent decades.
The article discusses the ninth annual St. Shenouda Conference of Coptic Studies held at the University of California Los Angeles, and highlights the topics discussed and presented.
A lecture delivered by Rabbi Reuven Firestone at ‘Ayn Shams University enraged the audience.
It is incorrect to classify all Coptic expatriates under one sole category. The loud voice of the extremist Coptic expatriates does not change the fact that they are a limited minority. The author defends the moderate majority of Coptic expatriates in ten points.


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