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The chief electoral officer in Quebec has decided to ban Muslim women who wear the niqāb from voting in the legislative elections.
The Dutch Foreign Ministry’s ambassador for human rights praised the council for its development and activities since his last visit three years ago. The growth in the organization confirms its credibility and its support of human rights in Egypt.
Following the recent uproar over the broadcast of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ the Discovery Channel plans to broadcast a documentary featuring a tomb, claimed to belong to Jesus and his alleged wife, Mary Magdalene, amidst strong-worldwide protests from Christian clergy.
An 11 year-old Muslim girl was ordered off the field by a referee during an indoor football tournament in the Canadian city of Laval after refusing to remove her veil.
The controversial Coptic activist ‘Adlī Abādīr organizes a conference advocating the rights of ethnic and religious minorities in the Middle East.
While all Egyptians seem to agree on the importance of applying principles of citizenship and equality, and while everyone is calling for a more active role in political situations and the less political nature of religious institutions, many still argue about amending article two of the...
The author discusses Coptic heritage, and Coptic traditions in the West, particularly in Russia. He highlights the fact that many Russian’s consider themselves Orthodox Christians.
The article discusses Isaac Fanous’ contributions to Christian art and iconography.
The article discusses the passing of Father Antonious Henein, highlighting his achievements in his personal life and the contributions he made to furthering the Coptic Orthodox Church, both in Egypt, and in North America.
A number of European and American organizations have decided to fund Egyptian NGOs and human rights organizations concerned with development issues.


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