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In memory of Abouna Matta El Meskeen.
The Supreme Council for Culture organizes a symposium on ‘Religion and Nationalism’
The author argues that the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood and emigrant Copts may lead to a religious crisis.
The author argues that some demands of expatriate Copts are contradictory. While they call for the establishment of a secular state, they call for a percentage quota for Copts in the different institutions of the state, which the author sees as a sectarian approach.
Canadian police have arrested 17 terror suspects on charges of planning attacks on a number of buildings in Canada. In Britain, anti-terrorist police hunted for a “dirty” chemical device that they say terrorists could use in attack in the United Kingdom. In Washington, the U.S. Department of...
Patrick Sookhdeo is the Director of the Institute for the Study of Islam and Christianity, a Christian research organization that specialises in the study of Christian minorities in Islamic states. Born in British Guyana, he converted from Islam to Christianity in his early 20s and now warns,...
Discussion of the recommendations of the Montreal Conference for Coptic Associations and Activists, held on April 7-9, 2006, in Montreal, Canada.
The author analyses the statement of the recent Coptic conference that was held in Montreal, Canada, last April.
The paper examines the history of Christian Zionism, an active movement that strenuously supports Israel, and which is particularly strong in the U.S.
The author criticizes Pope Shenouda’s recent contradictory decision regarding many important issues that concern Copts in Egypt.


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