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Debates surface following the publication of a document regarding the freedom of expression in the Arab world by the Arab League. This issue also focuses on the future of political life in Egypt, and the difficulties that may arise.
Islam is the target of Western and Zionists’ attacks. Muslims need to unite to defend their religion and any inter-religious dialogue is bound to avowing Islam as a heavenly religion.
The national library of Denmark has decided to document the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad which created uproar when they were first published in September 2005.
The author reports on Muslims’ anger about the recent decision of the right wing Danish Folkeparti [People’s Party] about the use of a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad in their election campaign under claims that the party respects the rights to freedom of speech.
In the article, scores of thinkers comment on the proposed platform of the political party of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group.
The press continues its investigations into the case of Muḥammad Aḥmad Ḥijāzī, an Egyptian citizen who has converted to Christianity. He has filed the first ever lawsuit to formally prove that he has become a Christian by changing his ID and other official papers. A broad range of opinions and...
Islamic researchers and thinkers comment on Robertson’s attacking declarations against Islam.
Salmá Anwar presents an overview of her internship from January 15 to July 31, 2007.
Ane Skov Birk, a student at Copenhagen University, Denmark, stayed with CIDT from 24 January 2007 “ 11 August 2007. She has done excellent work, much of which has been reflected in texts she has written in AWR. She presents an overview of her experiences working with CIDT, and the knowledge she has...
The Danish Muslim Nāsir Khidr has managed to establish a party which will predictably change the current face of government entitled, ‘Democratic Muslims.’


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