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John Watson writes about MECO (Middle East Christian Outreach) and MEET (the Middle East Experience Team) and their work in the Middle East.
The author is of the opinion that the statement of the Italian Prime Minister expressed the allures and ambitions of the West and its belief that Islam and the Arabic civilization is its real enemy. He compass between the old Crusades and the new one declared by President Bush, concluding that the...
Suggestions of a deal between British and Egyptian authorities to exchange prisoners, including three Britons in prison in Egypt in connection to membership of Hizb al-Tahrīr and Egyptian, Abu Hamza al-Misrī, currently in jail in the U.K.
Human trading is a common phenomenon practiced by some Jews in Israel. Multi-branched gangs in Africa and East Asia import poor people in these countries and gain a lot. Three sides benefit from this trade: the broker who arranges the agreement in Europe or Africa, the imported people, and Israel.
The National Council of American Churches has called upon all American local churches to open their doors to Muslims in the memoriam of the September 11 attacks. The Presbyterian Church in America is very enthusiastic about the call. It will start a small project, part of which is inviting ten...
Despite the fact that the Ethiopian Church follows the beliefs of the Coptic Orthodox Church and has been under its spiritual control till 1959, the relationship between the two churches has gone through times of conflicts, influenced by the political relationships between Egypt and Ethiopia.
Claims that Christian missionaries are targeting African refugees and immigrants in Cairo and encouraging them to convert to Christianity in return for work and accommodation.
Spanish authorities said yesterday that they had arrested 14 fundamentalists on suspicion of recruiting fighters for Iraq’s insurgency.
The tactics of the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood have become rather predictable: showing off their power in the street to attract parties of all political spectrums. But allying with the communists?
According to the Talmud, if the mother of a child is a Jew, then the child is Jewish. Otherwise, the child is not considered Jewish. However, in 1983, the Higher Institute for Reformist Rabbis held a meeting after which it was decided that if the father of a child is Jewish and the mother is not,...


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