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The author reviews a book about the future of Islam by ‘Abd al-Majīd al-Sharaī. While al-Sharafī calls to adapt Islam to modernism, Hoffmann refutes al-Sharafī’s argument, anticipating that Islam will prevail in the whole world, and Muslim Westerners shoulder the responsibility of spreading and...
Muhammad al-Bāz presents summarized memoirs of some Coptic figures who engaged in struggles for the welfare of their country.
Bernard Lewis’ new book ’What went wrong?’ contains nothing new. It is a repetition of what Lewis has said about Muslims in all his previous books.
Dr. Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm, chairman of Ibn Khaldūn Center for Development Studies reports on his paper that was presented to a conference that was held in Rome under the title: ’The Cross, the Crescent and the Ballot Box.’ Ibrāhīm’s paper discussed Islam and democracy. In the following lines Ibrāhīm...
The author accuses the West of double standards and calls for a campaign of solidarity with former French civil servant Bruno Guigue.
Translation is a way of promoting the culture of tolerance, combating terrorism and fighting stereotypes.
Two authors write about the Greek Catholic cemetery in Old Cairo, describing it as a remarkable museum that contains precious materials and works of art.
The controversial movie ’Fitna’ aroused heated discussions concerning Arab-West and Islam-West relations. The airing of the controversial movie, caused Western and Arab countries to reconsider their relationships with each other. The conditions of Muslims have become more prominent and the...
The author conducted an interview with Father Salīb Mattá Sawirus on the topic of his newly established human rights center.
Islamophobia vs. Westophobia; two postmodern terms. The article presents Muslims’ points of view toward the issue. Dialogue and moderation seem to be the key issues for eliminating the two terms used by fundamentalists on both sides, as most of the people in the following text explained.


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