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President Muhammad Mursī on Wednesday (November 14) issued a decision withdrawing Egypt’s ambassador to Israel after flagrant Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. [Amānī Mājid, Bāsil Yusrī and Khālid al-Asma’ī, al-Ahrām, Nov. 15, p. 1] Read original text in Arabic
The American Jamestown institute issues a report on terrorism in Egypt during the last four years. It applauds the Egyptian military and Sīsī for deposing the government of Brotherhood leader Muhammad Mursī calling the coup “a return to the path to democracy for Egypt.” The report found the closing...
Three years ago, on February 27, 2013, we interviewed Aḥmad Ashūsh in our office. These were the days of President Muhammad Mursī and we then made efforts to understand the motivations of the different people involved various Islamists movements. Aḥmad Ashūsh was arrested in October 2013 for the...
In both his presidential campaign and inaugural addresses, President Muhammad Mursī has assured the world of Egypt’s commitment to peace. Yet in the run-up to the final election on June 14, the Muslim Brotherhood published an Arabic article calling this commitment into question.
Sāmī Ja'far interviewed Jihād ‘Awdah, member of National Democratic Party's Politics committee; ‘Awdah believe that to get rid of Muslim Brotherhood groups in Gaza, Bahrain, and Kuwait, we need begin from Egypt. ‘Awdah added that the defeat of Sudan's MB came after an attempt to kill President...
Secretary General of the Middle East Council of Churches, Girgis Ibrāhīm Sālih, stressed the need to recall the sixtieth anniversary of the plight of the Palestinian people and seek to return these usurped people to their home at the meeting of the Department of Service to Palestinian Refugees.
The State Security Prosecution accuses two professors at the Suez Canal and the Azhar universities of manufacturing a plane without a pilot.
Claire Naṣīf comments on a fatwā delivered by a Palestinian shaykh affiliated to the Hamās faction in which he called for his countrymen to kill Egyptian boarders troops when they overthrow Egypt’s boarders at Gaza.


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