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The story of a Coptic girl who claims she was kidnapped and asked to convert to Islam.
Further titles:- State’s Security Major Fouad Alam: The MB of today is not different from that of the 1940s and 50s. They have a secret cell which is ready to attack, they are just waiting for a chance.- Mamoun El Hudeibi: We will not change our thoughts and programs. We will remain as we are till...
The article is an attack on the consecrated houses, secret churches established in private flats in opposition to the Coptic Orthodox Church. It claims that from these consecrated houses, a secret pope has emerged in opposition to Pope Shenouda III. The consecrated houses are, according to...
Security bodies have made secret deals with Jamā‘ah Islamīyah to present them as an alternative to the Muslim Brotherhood in mosques, universities and social communities and thus to defeat them.
In an attempt to quench the uproar over his recent fatwá that appeared to allow the killing of Israeli Jews worldwide, Muslim dā‘īyah Shaykh Safwat Hijāzī, explains in two interviews with Sawt al-Ummah and al-Wafd that his fatwá should only be carried out during wartime.
The article deals with the security interference in the selection of preachers for mosques, citing a letter signed by a police major general prohibiting Dr. Safwat Hijāzī from delivering sermons in mosques after he gave a fatwá allowing the killing of Israeli tourists.
The article deals with the issue of the defrocking of priests and monks as 50 clergymen have been defrocked during the past five years, the most recent of whom were two priests in al-Jīza parish who were defrocked for committing financial excesses and violating canon laws.
The church has given a decision stripping a priest in al-Jīza of his priesthood after being found guilty of collecting funds for himself in the name of the Coptic cathedral.
Extremists attack a priest in Wasīf farm and destroy some of possessions belonging to Copts, raising tensions between Muslims and Christians.
Father Bisādā Zakī, whose name at birth was Fakhrī Zakī Fakhrī, has been defrocked and dismissed from his position at the Giza Bishopric. The Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate has warned its followers against having future financial dealings with the defrocked priest.


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