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The author believes that no complete separation can take place between politics and religion. The relation between the two takes on many forms. If this relation takes on the right form, things will go well.
The spokesman for the Orthodox Church in Jerusalem says that Christians all over the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ except Christians in His birthplace. He expresses agreement with Pope Shenouda’s mandate to avoid visiting Jerusalem as long as it is under the control of Israel. He...
Mu‘tazz al-Hādī presents an article by Graham Fuller that was published in the Foreign Policy magazine and questions if Islam had been replaced with Christianity in the Middle East, would the world would be more peaceful.
The article gives an outline of the Christian Orthodox groups in the Arab world to see which of them can bridge the gap between Islam and the West. In contrast to the Church of Alexandria and Africa of the Greek Orthodox, the Church of Antioch of Syrian Orthodox can be effective in that respect due...
The Coptic calendar is based on the calendar of ancient Egyptians. It is still used by Egyptian farmers. Each year, on September 11, Egyptian Copts celebrate the feast of martyrs or the feast of Nayrouz, as it marks the first day of the Coptic calenda
This press review is dealing with the issue of rumors, and how far they can have a negative impact on the society, the economy and national security.
The author argues that it is no good believing in an interfaith dialogue as long as there are double standards when it comes to dealing with Muslims.
Many Egyptian Christians and U.S. Copts argue that the Hamayouni decree, an Ottoman law dating back to 1856, is still in effect, even though it was officially annulled in 1914 when Egypt was declared a British protectorate.
Many Greeks believed that many elements of their own civilization have come from Egypt, while others believed that the Greek civilization was only a branch of Egypt’s.
Watani International argues against the segregation of men and women in Egypt’s sports clubs.


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