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The Supreme Military Court wrote the final chapter last Thursday in a mysterious saga involving suspected members of the country’s largest militant organization, Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya. Twenty-one defendants had been charged with planning to revive the group’s activities in the Mediterranean city of...
Of the thirteen military trials of the Gamaa Islamiya, this is the first in which no one has been condemned to death.
Of the 107 defendants tried at the Hike Step military camp, 78 were given prison sentences, 11 of whom were condemned for life. Twenty were acquitted. The remaining 9 were sentenced to death in absentia.
Forty-four suspected members of Egypt’s most violent militant organization, Jihad, last week pleaded not guilty before a military court to charges of membership of an illegal group bent on using terror to overthrow the government, planning the assassination of top officials and security staff, and...
Only 43 suspected militants out of 107 defendants listed on the indictment bill were present at the opening of the military trial on Monday of leading figures in Egypt’s second largest, but more violent, militant organization -- Islamic Jihad.
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