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The article discusses the repercussions to the recent statements of Bishop Bisantī about the number of Copts living in Egypt. The bishop’s unofficial estimation raised the old, unanswered question about the reasons behind the government’s continuous refusal to declare the real number of the Coptic...
Bishop Bisantī of Ḥilwān and al-Ma‘sarah and one of the main references in the Coptic Orthodox Church asserted that the Coptic Orthodox Church has rejected all forms of foreign interference and has denied all allegations about the church’s intention to assign a successor to Pope Shenouda. Many...
The first article of the Constitution affirms the principle of citizenship regardless of the number of Muslims and Christians.
Reviewer: Nuhayr ‘IsmatMuḥammad al-Bāz asks Bishop Basantī some question about the corruption taking place in the Ḥilwān bishopric.
The author of the article reported on the response of Father Aughustinus Mūsá Faltas to a previous interview published in the same publication with Counselor Labīb Ḥalīm Labīb. Father Aughustinus refuted the accusations directed by Counselor Labīb against the church.
Some 40 Copts were staging a sit-in inside a monastery in south Cairo in protest against the disappearance of a Coptic woman they said had eloped with a Muslim man, according to security sources and Egyptian church officials.
Bilāl al-Dawī interviews Bishop Basantī asking him about the recent incidents in the church.
Dozens of mothers and wives of suspects in al-Tā’ifah al-Mansūrah case demonstrated against the Ministry of Interior for not releasing their relatives.
In an unprecedented event in Egyptian cinema, Baheb al-Sima (I Love Cinema) portrays members of a Christian family as the protagonists in a film that deals with family relationships set in the 1960s. The film caused much controversy not only because it is the first film to show Christian as the...
The life of ‘Aidah, a Christian employee, was turned upside down when her family and husband learned that she had secretly converted to Islām.


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