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The Coptic community wonders who will succeed Pope Shenouda after illness strikes him? Although regulations stipulating the transfer of church power will give bishops, monks and priests the opportunity to stand for elections, elections are now confined only to general bishops.
If you are Christian, 10,000 pounds, the price of a forged certificate that indicates the conversion to another denomination or religion, is the cost of divorce.
Discrimination against other religious sects and strange fatwas and religious teachings are the main grounds for the Alexandria attacks and other incidents of sectarian sedition. The writer suggests certain actions be taken to diminish this stream of hostility and discrimination that is taking over...
A 22-member group, called al-Tā’ifa al-Mansoura [The victorious denomination] has been arrested by the Egyptian police for planning terrorist attacks against tourist sites, gas pipelines, and a number of top Muslim and Christian clergy.
The author highlights the contradiction between the Muslim Brotherhood’s declared attitude towards Copts and the opinions of their muftī.
Bishop Bissenti of Helwan and Ma’asara congratulates Muslims in Egypt and the Arab world for the start of the Holy month of Ramadan. He stresses that events in Ramadan reveal how strong the national unity between Muslims and Copts is.
Unknown men have attacked many unveiled women by throwing sulfuric acid on either their faces, chests or legs, as a punishment for not wearing the veil. Such incidents coincide with another phenomenon; in the women-only carriages of the underground, women wearing niqab preach the necessity of...
The author believes that President Mubarak has brought back the good old days of national unity and that the friendship between the Grand Imam of the Azhar and Pope Shenouda is a clear example on that.
A look into the reasons behind the media storm over conversions of young women and girls from Islam to Christianity and vice versa
An Israeli postage stamp with an offensive picture of a mu’adhin engenders angry reactions in Muslim communities.


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