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A conference in the UNESCO gathered politicians and intellectuals from different countries who called to improve dialogue among civilizations
Muftīī of the Republic, Dr. ‘Alī Jum‘ah, severely criticizes religious opinions proclaimed by non-specialists on satellite channels and said these opinions, which should not be called fatwás, cause confusion amongst Muslims. He urged society to adopt a common culture to confront these opinions.
‘Amir continues his criticism of the Twelver Shī‘ah and clarify that his attitude is merely religious and has nothing to do with political affairs of the Shī‘ah countries. He asks Sunnī scholars to give precise answers for certain questions about Shī‘ah doctrine.
Thurayyā al-Shahrī reveals ambiguity in the Western understanding of Islām, Muslims and Arabs. The West does not have a clear vision in this regard. Thurayyā stresses Arabs’ roles in clarifying these concepts and putting needed boundaries between the different concepts.
The author argues that the U.S. has misapplied the definition of terrorism to pursue its own policies and strategies in the Middle East region. This has not helped to reduced terrorism however, but only fueled further terrorist operations.
Explaining the broad meaning of the concept of jihād in Islām, Muslim thinker Rajab al-Bannā quoted famous British writer Karen Armstrong’s definition of it as "struggle and effort, not a synonym for holy war as Westerners define it." Ahmad ‘Izz al-Dīn al-‘Arab wrote in a short article in al-...
Majdī Khalīl mentions some of the situations where Muslims have attacked Christians, Jews and the West and questions who should apology to whom over such incidents.
The author discusses internal conflict within institutional churches.
There are about ten thousand religions all over the world. This article ranks them in terms of number of religious adherents and describes where the majority of each religion is to be found.
The new president of the Islamic Society of North America admonishes President Bush for using terms like “Islamic fascists” to describe terrorists responsible for killing Americans. She states that "terrorism, crime or violence" is a proper description for such attacks.


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