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The author discusses what kind of Middle East will emerge from the “ashes” of the recent conflict in Lebanon. He quotes different opinions on this matter – will a secular Middle East emerge or one controlled by “fanatic” Islamic administrations.
The author says Shaykh Yūsuf al-Qaradāwī is trying to spark strife between Shī‘ah and Sunnī in Egypt with false accusations against the Shī‘ah. He challenges him to obtain evidence for these claims, describing him as a liar and inciter.
Jamīl Matar discusses influences on U.S. foreign policy and rejects the catch phrase that "all terrorists are Muslims but not all Muslims are terrorists." He notes that the idea of a clash of civilizations has also been adopted by extremist groups outside of the Arab world, not all of which...
The author interviewed Rafīq al-‘Ajamī, one of the Arab Afghans who was imprisoned for four years on charges of carrying out the explosion of the Egyptian Embassy in Pakistan in 1996.
The author discusses the thriving market of audiotapes containing preaching by salafist shaykhs attacking Shī‘ah and warning Sunnī Muslims against supporting them on the grounds that they are "apostates who allege that the revelation was meant for ‘Alī Ibn Abī Tālib but for Archangel Gabriel’...
This article discusses the historical origins of the Shī’ah - Sunnī conflict; now expressing itself in Iraq.
A celebration for the children of Muslim Brotherhood-owned nurseries in Kafr al-Shaykh and al-Bihīra governorates has provoked angry reactions from attendees.
The article highlights the major defects in the belief of the Shi‘ah by explaining their origins and the falsehood of the Shī‘ah heresy.
The author analyses recent conflicts between the West and Islamic regimes, including the recent conflict between Israel and the Hizb Allāh and asserts that ultimately the war is one of many battles to be fought between those who wish to join the modern world and those who think they have an...
The author identifies a number of reasons why he believes Muslim concerns about a crusade led by the U.S. against Islam are justified.


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