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With the end of the Ḥizb Allāh-Israel war, which claimed nearly 900 lives on both sides, a number of Egyptian writers have devoted several articles to the issue, raising questions about what they described as the short-sightedness of the Ḥizb Allāh.
The author criticizes Israel’s actions in the conflict against the Hizb Allāh and argues that the wrath, hatred and oppression built up and experienced by the Lebanese people may work to throw them into the arms of the Hizb Allāh, instead of bringing a just, durable and sustainable peace.
The author publishes a document written in the form of a message from Hasan al -Bannā, the founder and murshid of the Muslim Brotherhood, in which he called for pan-Arab economic, political and military cooperation and for reaching a fair and durable solution to the Palestinian issue.
The article is about Hasan Nasr Allāh and Hizb Allāh’s foundation. The author assesses Iranian influence upon the Hizb Allāh.
According to Hulsman, the biggest mistake in various Western media is that they speak about the Islam. "This does not exist. You cannot say the Islam says that. There are always certain groups that say something. Of course there are basic principles that are similar for all Muslims, but there are...
Islamophobia advocacy is advocacy that instils fear in people’s minds about Islām. Sebastian Kohn has noticed Qur’ān increase in this kind of advocacy on the internet, which is concerning because it brings a clash of civilizations closer to humanity. This kind of advocacy is especially effective on...
On the first anniversary of the July 7 London bombings, Al-Sharq al-Awsat devoted much space in its issues of July 6 to 8, 2006 to articles analyzing a recent survey by The Times on the terrorist acts which claimed 52 lives and injured more than 700 people.
A professor from the Institute for Strategic Studies writes about Islamic fundamentalism and the Hezbollah.
The administrative judiciary’s refusal to file the lawsuit establishing the “Al-Safawīyya Al-Naqshabandīyya” provoked controversy.
An overview of the Baha’i faith and interview with two practicing Baha’is. They discuss the Baha’is relationship with the authorities and views on women and other religions.


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