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The author refers to the need to hold fruitful Islam-West dialogue, and to curb the radical European trend that seeks to silence the moderate Islamic voice and to terrify people about the dangers of Islam and Muslims.
The article reviews three separate articles published by al-Usbū‘ on recent statements of the prominent Coptic businessman Najīb Sawirus, in which he was reported as criticizing the manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political party as well as the increasing religious trend in society.
A big debate has hit leaders and members of the banned Muslim Brotherhood group over the controversial pending agenda of the Brotherhood’s party.
The author narrates a background history to the deteriorating situation of Christians in the East. He identifies the reasons behind this deterioration and discusses the origins of religious fundamentalism and the autocratic regimes in the Arab world.
In a prolonged interview with Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd of al-Usbū‘, Pope Shenouda III spoke about a number of important issues in the Arab world.
In his interview with Sanā’ al-Sa‘īd, Pope Shenouda does not expect a quick solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict without first achieving Arabic harmony. He also discussed issues related to U.S. aid, foreign interference, the Iranian case, illegal emigration, and other Egypt-related issues.
The following presents a report on poverty in Egypt, and specifically how this issue is being addressed by the Coptic Orthodox Church in an attempt to alleviate the suffering of Egyptians.
Former Iranian President Khatamī created uproar in the Coptic Orthodox Church when he declared that the first church in the world was in Iran during the first century and that it was a refuge for Christians during times of persecution.
Rumors circulate in the Egyptian political context about the Ṣūfīs targeting influential political positions in Egypt. There are 73 Ṣūfī orders and 11 million Murīds, assert researchers in Ṣūfism in Egypt.
Salman Rushdie was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II of Britain. The bestowal sparked protests in the Muslim world and revived the Muslim wrath over his controversial book entitled, “The Satanic Verses,” and the writer himself.


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