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The author addresses the issue of evangelism after he met a Muslim man and a woman who converted to the Evangelical denomination at the hand of missionaries in the Arab world.
Pope Benedict XVI is trying to invade the Middle East to convert people using evangelists and associations working under the guise of humanitarian aid.
Umar Bakrī Bakrī describes the sentence issued against ‘Iz al-Dīn as unjust and unfounded, and reveals the double standards as well as the injustice inflicted upon Muslims who reject the U.S-British invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.
Jamāl ‘Abd al-Rahīm writes about the history of Bahā’īs.
The author believes that even if Islam is the solution, Muslims themselves are the problem. Whenever they have weapons, they direct them towards their countries’ regimes even if the regimes govern in the name of Islam.
France sentences seven convicts to seven years in prison for recruiting jihādīs.
Rajā’ī ‘Atiyyah writes about false explanations of religious texts that serve political purposes.
‘Abīr ‘Atiyyah reports about the studies and papers presented in the annual conference for the Egyptian Organization for historical studies.
Sāmī Hāmid reports about the latest U.S. report regarding freedom of religion in Egypt.
Former AWR intern David Grant reports on the state of Egyptian journalism at the present time; highlighting common themes, problems and dilemnas. He concludes his analysis with a look forward to how the Egyptian print media may develop in the next five years.


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