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Councilor Labīb attributes the Christians’ immigration to the fundamentalist Islamization imposed by some fundamentalist groups that aim to establish Islamic theocracies.
Jamāl As‘ad discusses the issue of the emigration of Christians from the Middle East to the West, and analyzes whether it is a normal consequence of certain socio-political and economic factors or there are conspiracies that target Muslim-Christian relations in this part of the world.
The author, Dr. ‘Ādil al-Jūjarī, describes the deteriorating conditions for the Christians in Iraq after terrorist attacks followed them from Baghdad and Mosul to Basra where churches were attacked, priests slaughtered and Christian women harassed and kidnapped.
The article looks at a new religious survey, Freedom in the World, which claims that none of the Christian communities in the Middle East are completely free. The author analyzes the changing face of Christianity in the Middle East and the reasons behind its recent decline.
Key Islamic Preacher ‘Amr Khālid has been heavily criticized on scores of Islamic Web sites for attending a Christmas Mass at St. Mark’s Cathedral.
The author, Dr. Rafīq Habīb, discusses the relationship between citizenship and sedition, believing that citizenship forms the primary defensive line to confronting sedition.
The authors outline short biographies of ten Coptic figures that they believe are the most famous. The individuals include pioneers in business, culture, politics and the arts.
Drs. Hulsman’s report discusses the state of past and present relations between Muslims and Christians in Egypt. The paper opens by giving information about Pope Shenouda III and the most important incidents that have taken place during his reign. The second half of the paper then looks at specific...
The author overviews projects of prominent businessman Najīb Sawirus in order to prove that he has become a gluttonous man with money and power.
The article reports on the spread of Niqāb-clad women in society.


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