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The following article discusses St. Mary’s Church, in Mostorod, where the Baby Jesus was said to have bathed in the water of a spring.
The Supreme Emergency Court of the State Security in al-Ismā‘īlīyah extend the detention of the accused of terrorist bombing in Sinai and Sharm al-Shaykh of 2005 and 2006.
A number of Coptic politicians have welcome the increase in the number of Coptic winners in last local councils elections.
January 7 is the day when Copts, in accordance with the Coptic calendar, celebrate Christmas. The occasion received a significant amount of attention in the Egyptian press that published a considerable number of articles about Coptic issues in general and the Christmas celebrations in particular....
Middle East Christians Association issued statistics on the number of churches and mosques in Egypt.
Numayrī Shūmān reports on the recent incident involving Father Yulā Kamil Indraus, priest of Isma‘īliyah. Father Indraus was attempting to resolve a dispute between a man and his wife by forcing the husband to sign checks worth a total of roughly 40.000 pounds.
A Muslim man was shocked when the Isma‘īlīyah Civil Registry office issued a birth certificate for his daughter stating her religion as Jewish rather than Muslim.
Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mahdī ‘Ākif dismissed the allegation that any dialogues were taking place between the group and the Americans, saying, “no matter the pressures we are facing inside the country, we would never seek help from the United States. The US knows well that we are totally...
Jamāl al-Bannā has advised the Muslim Brotherhood to withdraw from political work and questioned whether President Mubārak could do what al-Nahās did with al-Bannā.
The author discusses the increasing phenomenon of Coptic girls converting to Islam, and considers the reasons behind these conversions.


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