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Despite the acquittal of Khayrat al-Shāṭir, the second deputy of the Muslim Brotherhood’s supreme guide, along with 39 prominent members of the group by a Cairo criminal court ruling, President Muhammad Ḥusnī Mubārak, acting in his capacity as the supreme commander of the armed forces, referred the...
The article is an attack on the consecrated houses, secret churches established in private flats in opposition to the Coptic Orthodox Church. It claims that from these consecrated houses, a secret pope has emerged in opposition to Pope Shenouda III. The consecrated houses are, according to...
70 fanatics in Alexandria were arrested on suspicions of belonging to al-Qā‘idah. The Islamic group claims that they are innocent of the attempt to assassinate the author Nagīb Mahfūz.
The article articulates the history of the ancient monastery of St. Polā on the Red Sea and suggests the launching of an integrated project to restore this Coptic monument amidst archeologists’ arguments that the costs of Coptic restoration projects are too high.
The author interviews the mother of a disappeared Christian girl, Sārah. The mother narrates the story and tells the author why her father escaped to the U.K. in 1996.
The author investigates the phenomenon of assault on teachers by students and their parents in a way that several officials think poses a great threat to the values of society.
The author covers the recent inauguration of Archbishop Antonious Najīb as the new patriarch of Catholics, succeeding Archbishop Istifānous, who left his post due to his deteriorating health.
Sawt al-Umma exclusively publishes a copy of a Bahā’ī marriage certificate, issued in 1952 between Christian Fathī Tādrus ‘Abd al-Masīh, 26, and Muslim Qudsīya Husayn Rouhī, 21, after they both converted to Bahā’ism.
Rev. Dr. Sobhi Ouida from Ismailia sent AWR a sad message about the sudden death of his beloved wife. Both Dr. and Mrs. Ouida played such a great role in preparing for the first visit to the land of Goshen, east of Ismailia, in March this year. Rev. and Mrs. Ouida made the first visit an...
Public Prosecutor Māhir ‘Abd al-Wāhid ordered the release of 463 persons suspected of belonging to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, but retained the custody of 37 others on charges of staging unlicensed marches in several areas in Egypt on May 3, 6 and 14, 2005.


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