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Egyptian security forces arrested and detained three suspected members of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement on August 28, bringing the total number of suspected brothers rounded up in raids across the country in August alone, to nearly 30.
Clearly expressing his views about three Muslim sects, a sheikh from Al-Azhar is accused of speaking irreverently of them. Angry reactions from the followers of these sects range from calling for apologies to the taking his life ’as the only decent reply to his disrespect of their beliefs.
A brief overview of the Governorate of Sharqeyya and its people. It is the birth place of Ahmed ’Orabi1 and of many important notables of Egyptian society. Located at Egypt’s north-eastern frontier, it has been the only route for invading Egypt from the East since the days of the Hyksos. It has...
Islamism is rapidly changing and loosing ground in Egyptian society. The writer is an expert at the Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies and the managing editor of the annual State of Religion in Egypt Report.
Police arrested in the past two days a new group of people in Kafr Al-Sheikh and Ismailia and accused them of joining the Muslim Brothers.
The Endowments Joint Committee that consists of representatives of the Egyptian-Coptic Endowment Authority has held a number of meetings and decided to return to the church a number of Coptic endowments that had been confiscated.


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