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A TV station from Qatar organized a live debate on the American Freedom of Religious Persecution Law and el-Koshh between Mustafa Bakri, editor in chief of Al-Osboa newspaper, and Maurice Sadek, president of the Center for Human Rights and National Unity. Sadek, who defended the recently accepted...
The opinions of the late Sheikh Mitwali Al-Sha’arawi and Father Matta Al-Meskin summarize to a large extent the features of the personality of Pope Shenouda.
Since the setback of June 1967, the Al-Ahram paper has lost its credibility in covering Egypt’s internal affairs. 760 repentant Muslim extremists were released but stories of torture committed by police to extract confessions are frequently coming back.
A few days ago, the French paper ’Le Monde’ revealed the escalation of religious persecution practices in Israel by the government and extreme Jewish groups. The paper said the acts of persecution are directed against Christians and Muslims in the occupied Arab territories and in Israel itself.
The Egyptian Organization for Human Rights was mistaken in explaining the events of Al-Koshh but it is certain there is no conspiracy behind what happened.
"Peace for minorities", that is Israel’s secret slogan. Israel beliefs that wars and conflicts "gathers" Arabs together and peace "scatters" them.
According to the author, the character of the Sheikh al-Azhar has changed since he became sheikh al-Azhar a few years ago. The calm, kind and pleasant person has become very nervous and cannot stand a word of criticism.
Israel presented an official apology for the report published on the Internet by the media office of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu.
The Zionists conspire to weaken Egypt. That contained a plan to incite strife between Muslims and Christians.
The author is afraid that the urge to protect Coptic rights and justice could provoke people against them.
The conspiring motives of the Sunday Telegraph’s campaign against Egypt are being revealed day after day. The British-American-Zionist attempts to trigger a ’Coptic Issue’ in Egypt, referring to Copts as a persecuted minority, is a way to implement the religious persecution law recently approved by...
The paper interviewed people in the street, actors, actresses and journalists who all stressed the unity between Muslims and Christians. Dr. William Qilada discusses the Hamayouni law. The paper is convinced countries as Britain and Israel would like to see Egypt’s national unity destroyed.
Upon Mubarak becoming president, new era of good relations began with Pope Shenouda.
The best thing about the incident in Al-Koshh was that it revealed many things, the most important being the ways of the West in penetrating a country and intervening in its domestic affairs.
The Egyptian government has launched an international publicity offensive in the wake of disclosures in The Telegraph last month about a brutal police crackdown on Christians in southern Egypt. Actions include paying for full-page newspaper advertisements in cash and a lobbying campaign on the...
The rude campaign goes on against Egypt. In cooperation with members of the American Congress, a British lord has sent a threatening letter, warning that he will launch a fierce campaign against Egyptian tourism if the persecution of Copts does not stop.
Christina Lamb wrote her article without having been in Egypt since 1988. Her husband is actively involved with the Jewish lobby in the USA.
Suddenly, the American paper ’Boston Globe’ came up with a front page story on Persecution of Egyptian Copts by police. According to the paper, police committed brutal acts of torture, beating them up, electrocuting them, and threatening to rape women. In another development, the paper said Bishop...
The article describes the Jewish influence on the British media. Lots of names are given.
Egypt and Hosni Mubarak are the targets. Leave all these weak details, these highly elegant words and the human rights pretensions. It is just a game that those conspirators played against Egypt. What is this persecution that they are taking about? We smell the odor of the dollars that are paying...
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