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The heartbreak in all institutional religion is the disaster of clerical and ecclesiastical self-assertion. How dark the institutions of any church can become. The greatest tragedy of all lies in the lives of the humble Christians of any country who are oppressed by the powers that be. Watson...
An Israeli historian states in a book entitled, ’Bloody Passover’ that Jews murdered Christians during the Middle Ages so that their blood could be used to make unleavened bread for Passover.
Dr. Isaac Fānūs freely spoke his mind about the issues he found important. Dr. Fānūs was critical about ecclesiastical institutions and leadership, including those in his own Coptic Orthodox Church. In this interview religions are described as societal entities that humans have created and...
The author continues his series of articles on Dr. Isaac Fānūs, and highlights his contributions to Coptic iconography as well as providing more information about his personal life.
In this article, Dr. ‘Abd al-Qādir al-Baḥrāwī, a professor of philosophy at Banhā University, responds to the allegation of a writer who claims that the author of the book entitled, ‘Dirāsāt fī al-farq’ [Studies in the Differences] is trying to strip Copts of their religious identity.
George Shākir writes about the Shroud of Turin, also known as Turin Shroud, which is an ancient piece of linen cloth bearing the image of a man who appears to have been physically traumatized in a manner consistent with crucifixion. As early as October 1978, a group of historians and scientists...
The European Coptic Association, in order to create ferment in the Egyptian streets, called to unify all efforts exerted and to distribute work evenle between organizations that work inside and outside Egypt rather than working individually, through a working plan based on specific principles.
The writer talks about how the West has transformed the celebration of Christmas into a celebration of Santa Clause, and it is starting to become a phenomenon in the East.
Nājih Sam‘ān, the author, presents a brief study on the historical and geographical background of Catholicism in Egypt.
The article reports on the international conference about "cultural common grounds" that was held at Cairo University


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