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Many Egyptian Christians and U.S. Copts argue that the Hamayouni decree, an Ottoman law dating back to 1856, is still in effect, even though it was officially annulled in 1914 when Egypt was declared a British protectorate.
Many Greeks believed that many elements of their own civilization have come from Egypt, while others believed that the Greek civilization was only a branch of Egypt’s.
Anbā Antonius was born in 251 in al-Wasta area. Before he reached 18, his parents died. He is generally considered to be the founder of monasticism and the monastery with his name, the oldest in the world.
After the September 11, 2001 incidents, a fierce war on terror has started and it even grew fiercer with after the Madrid 11, 2004 bombings. Some believed that the terror networks have been diluted, only to be shocked by the July 7, 2005 bombings in the heart of London, which revealed the emergence...
The Italian Catholic Church has advised Italian women and girls not to marry Muslims fearing differences over the role of women in society and education of children.
A brief history of immigration trends in Europe and a discussion of the cultural integration of immigrants.
Egyptian actor ‘Umar al-Sharīf has denied receiving death threats from al-Qā‘ida over his role as Saint Peter in an Italian biblical epic for television. He also seeks to dispel misconceptions about his religion before his conversion to Islam.
A report issued by the International Confederation of Catholic Organizations for Charitable and Social Action (Caritas) on the foreign communities living in Italy revealed that one third of foreign residents are Muslims.
Sourat al-‘Arab wa al-Muslimīn Fi al-Manāhij al-Dirāsīya Hawl al-‘Ālam [Image of Arabs and Muslims in school curricula all over the world] by Sulaymān Qinnāwī is a study of the stereotype of Muslims and Arabs in Western school curricula.
Egyptian actor, ‘Umar al-Sharīf has received a death threat on a website linked to al-Qā‘ida, The Guardian reported yesterday.


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