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Annemarie Schimmel, who died last year, was a Professor of Islamic studies around the world, and obtained two PhDs, one on Mameluk civilization in Egypt and the other on the history of religions and the position of Islam among divine religions.
The author examines attempts to use biblical references to date antiquities.
Many people around the world believe that anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism are one the same thing. Despite being Semitic, Arabs have always been accused of anti-Semitism.
The author argues that the government is required to give back the Christians’ rights and dignity if they are really keen on addressing the Copts’ passive attitude towards participation in public affairs. To sustain democracy, he argues that the Copts must be sufficiently represented in parliament.
Discussion on the coalition of civilizations requires a through study of all factors that make such coalitions successful.
An article about Coptic prophecies of future events.
The mayor of Drez [spelling?], a city in Northern Italy, targeted Muslims only by banning the niqab [a veil that hides all of the head and face]. He claimed that Italian laws prohibited the covering of the face in public places which makes identifying an individual a difficult task. He added that...
The European authorities fear that imams of Arab origin can poison the European communities with their ideas and encourage terror. Accordingly many European countries were encouraged to establish institutes to graduate a European generation of imams.
Sabrina Farouni, a Muslim Italian woman who lives in a small town near the Swiss border, was given a 100-dollar fine for going in public wearing a niqab [a veil that hides all of the head and face] that covers her face completely.
An Italian woman who had embraced Islam, changed her name into Fatma and took the veil, was forced to pay Euro 850 for wearing a niqab. The mayor of the city where the women lives expressed his anger because the woman refused to take off the niqab in order to prove her identity. "The law should be...


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