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The following lines provide a resume of the history of the celebration of the Holy Family celebrated annually in the Upper Egyptian village of Jabal al-Tayr. Moreover, the media shed light on the influence of the financial crisis in Egypt on the celebration.
The article gives a historical background about Coptic monasticism. Egypt is the land that witnessed the creation of Christian monasticism. From Egypt all countries took the Coptic monastic system as a public, ecclesiastic institution which has a very deep and direct impact on Christian life...
An overview of all the sites of the Holy Family with an overview of where currently sites are being restored.
The author points to the importance of Egypt in the Biblical history and that many of God’s great men once took refuge in Egypt. He outlines the Coptic tradition of the route of the Holy Family during their time in Egypt and suggests that the sites that were visited by the Holy Family should be...
Mir Qibly is an Egyptian village which lies in the heart of the Qasqam mountain which is near Assiut in Upper Egypt. This is where the Holy Family lived for one hundred and eighty-five days in order to avoid King Herod who was hunting for them.
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