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An interview with Pope Shenouda highlighting the term of his papacy.
In the Ift...
The Egyptian Minister of Endowments Ḥamdī Zaqzūq calls on Muslims to visit Jerusalem and the Aqṣá mosque as a sign of support for the Palestinians. The call sparked protest amongst Muslims and Copts.
Pope Shenouda renews his refusal to allow Copts’ to visit Jerusalem without their Muslim brothers.
The article says that Pope Shenouda III is to pay a visit to Ethiopia before the end of this month, a trip which would help restore the relationship between the two churches. Despite its religious and cultural nature, this visit will also help Egyptian national security.
In his expected visit to Ethiopia, Pope Shenouda will not discuss the case of al-Sulṭān Monastery, as some of the Coptic Orthodox clergymen asserted. The pope’s expected visit is a step to bridge the gap and re-establish the friendly relations between the two churches.
Bishop Bīshūy rejects the propositions of a group of laymen to change the list of regulations for electing the pope of the Coptic Orthodox Church. He also announced the Holy Synod’s approval of a new paper by the metropolitan of Jerusalem prohibiting Copts from traveling there.
Former Iranian President Khatamī created uproar in the Coptic Orthodox Church when he declared that the first church in the world was in Iran during the first century and that it was a refuge for Christians during times of persecution.
Antonio Badini, the former Italian ambassador to Cairo, has a unique perspective on the interaction between the Islamic and Western civilizations. He argues that there exists a misguided belief that talking is the only means of activating inter-cultural dialogue, while offering his own opinions on...
The following lines present a summary of an interview with Bishop Paphnotius, author of the controversial book ‘Hatmiyyat al-Nuhūd bi al-‘Amal al-Kanasī’ [The Inevitability of Developing the Church Functions.]. Bishop Baphnotius express his viewpoints from different issues related to the Coptic...


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