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A dialogue between Dr. Maurice Asad, who has known Dr. William Sulaymān Qilāda for probably more then 50 years, and Drs. Kees Hulsman, who also knew Dr. Qilāda personally.
Pope John Paul II will make a "pilgrimage" in Iraq at the beginning of December and will meet President Saddam Hussein, the Chaldean Catholic Patriarch Raphael Bidawid said on August 27. "The dates have not yet been fixed but the visit will take place between December 2 and 5," the Baghdad-based...
Pope Shenouda says some Copts might go to Israel to celebrate the year 2000 but he doesn’t want normalization with Israel until they give up the land they usurped.
The Islamist group behind the 1981 assassination of Egyptian president Anwar Sadat is planning a political wing to peacefully oppose normalization with Israel, an Islamist lawyer said in remarks published on August 20.
Police on Monday closed down the offices of the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas, in Amman, rounded up 12 of its members and issued arrest warrants against four of its leaders, official sources said on Monday.
Jordan is ready to relinquish its religious authority over Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem to the Palestinian National Authority, Prime Minister Abur-Ra’uf S. Rawabdeh has said.
Truth has got one face. But every accident has hundreds of false faces. Egypt has become the target of malicious lie sellers who are praying every day in the temple of manipulation. One of them is the conspiracy of the truck against the Copts. Another attack comes through a highly selective way of...
The Israeli police blocked a window which had been opened up by the Waqf, the charitable body responsible for Muslim holy sites leading to tensions between Israelis and Muslims in Jerusalem.
Israel brought almost 1,400 Jews from Ethiopia to live in Israel in a 37-day operation.
Studies confirm that some Western organizations are using the wrong practices of a group of people in order to interfere in the country of Egypt. Hence, there is an urgent necessity for direct Christian-Muslim dialogue.


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