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The patriotic attitude of the Copts and their desire to save their country is seen in their view on Jerusalem.
During the recent period, many writers were attacking Pope Shenouda because of his decision to exclude every Christian from the rituals of the church if he visited Jerusalem.
The article describes the career of V. Windfuhr, correspondent of Der Spiegel in Egypt. He says Egypt is moving from a totalitarian regime to political pluralism.
Pope Shenouda invited all the Christians to make the pilgrimage to Egypt because of the places the Holy Family visited in Egypt.
Michael Sabah, Latin Catholic Patriarch in Jerusalem and Middle East, demanded freedom for Muslims and Christians to visit the holy places in Jerusalem during the month of Ramadan and Christmas.
The opinions of the late Sheikh Mitwali Al-Sha’arawi and Father Matta Al-Meskin summarize to a large extent the features of the personality of Pope Shenouda.
A few days ago, the French paper ’Le Monde’ revealed the escalation of religious persecution practices in Israel by the government and extreme Jewish groups. The paper said the acts of persecution are directed against Christians and Muslims in the occupied Arab territories and in Israel itself.
The emigration of Copts to the US and other countries in Europe and Australia started to increase in the beginning of the sixties. They looked for a better environment and a way of making a living. Some of them emigrated for personal reasons.
Upon Mubarak becoming president, new era of good relations began with Pope Shenouda.
The Azhar University is currently carrying out a study to reply to the allegations of sectarianism, said Sheikh of theAzhar Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi.


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