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Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm is preparing a new normalization trip to Israel in the next few days which would be a continuation of another trip that he took last January.
The U.S. Coptic Union has posted a statement on its site on the internet in which it attacked Pope Shenouda and called for U.S. intervention to protect Copts from persecution.
In a meeting held by the Lions Clubs International in Egypt, Pope Shenouda adopted a softer stance toward Copts who travel to Jerusalem for personal interests.
Pope Shenouda asserted that there is no division within the church and denied being a dictator, proclaiming that he disseminated the people’s right to choose their priest, bishop, and archbishop when he assumed the office of pope.
Midhat Bīshāy discusses the pope’s decision concerning visiting Jerusalem.
The article outlines the recent documentary ’The Lost Tomb of Jesus’ and some of the activities that have been taking place concerning the promotion of the documentary. It also questions the finding of the scientific expedition to find the actual tomb and interviews a number of people opposed to...
Following the publication of ‘The Da Vinci Code,’ the ‘Lost Tomb of Jesus’ provoked further uproar among Christians. The documentary, realized by a Jewish director, is rejected by the church in Egypt and described as a conspiracy to destroy the church and Christianity.
Pope Shenouda III of Alexandria said that claims of extremist elements inside and outside Egypt about the persecution of Copts is a lie and slander.
The article discusses three recent books that cover a number of topics that focus on religion. The authors that are discussed include Patricia Hampl, Richard Dawkins and Matthew Kneale.
The article discusses various aspects of Coptic emigrants.


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