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Metropolitan Munīr Ḥannā Anīs of the Episcopal Church is the second Egyptian to be assigned archbishop of the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.
The author wonders how security forces can chase Islamic preachers and break demonstrations at mosques, while allowing Copts to gather for a rally without intervention.
The author calls on Arabs, whether Christians or Muslims, to work to solve the problem of Jerusalem through means of peaceful co-existence with Jews and constructive political and economical relations with Israel. He strongly rejects the policy of boycotting which clears the path for Israel to...
A description of a visit to the Convent of St. Dimyānah on the Occasion of the festival of Saint Dimyānah whereby Metropolitan Bīshūy provided the delegation with a detailed explanation of Coptic traditions related to the convent. Dr. Picard noted differences between the way Metropolitan Bīshūy and...
Prof. Andreas van Agt explained great changes in the cultural climate of north-western Europe in the pasty decades, becoming more hostile to religion and certainly not only Islām. Muslims needs to understand those changes in order to be able to respond better to European critique on Islām and the...
Watani International interviews Pope Gregorious III Lahham during his recent trip to Egypt. The pope discusses his view of Muslim-Christian relations in the Middle East, Christian isolation, and his opinion of problems facing Christians throughout the Arab world.
Coptic writers and intellectuals present their views on the reasons behind the inability of the Coptic Orthodox church to contain troublesome situations.
The author discusses Coptic heritage, and Coptic traditions in the West, particularly in Russia. He highlights the fact that many Russian’s consider themselves Orthodox Christians.
The author questions what the security bodies’ reaction toward a man who comes from Afghanistan and proclaims himself Shaykh of the Azhar would be, holds prayers and celebrations instead of Shaykh Muhamad Sayyid Ṭanṭāwī.
The author discusses the celebrations surrounding Easter, both in Egypt and the West, and breaks down a number of traditions tracing their origin back to the original time of Christ.


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