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A new church was built in the United Arab Emirates. Pope Shenouda headed a delegation from the Coptic Orthodox Church to the UAE to inaugurate the church.
Labīb presents an argument proving the Coptic Orthodox Church’s legitimate possession of the Sultan Monastery in Jerusalem. He also hints about the general history of the monastery.
Robier al-Faris reports on Father ‘Abd al-Massīh Basīt’s book in which he refutes the claims of James Cameron concerning ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus.’
This press review presents a summary of a series of articles published in Rose al-Yūsuf. Hānī Labīb writes about the history of the relationship between the pope as the head of the Coptic Orthodox Church, and the president of the Republic of Egypt from the mandate of Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāsir until the...
The article analyzes one of the seven sacraments of the Coptic Orthodox Church, namely “mayron” or holy oil.
The American Coptic Union has issued a statement asking the U.S. to impose economic sanctions against Egypt claiming that Coptic Christians suffer human rights abuses under Egypt’s regime.
The Discovery Channel recently broadcast a documentary entitled, ‘The Lost Tomb of Jesus,’ which claims that Jesus was not resurrected and that his remains were found near Jerusalem. The author believes that it is a Jewish attempt to prove that both Christianity and Islam are fabricated religions,...
The article analyzes the purpose of the Israeli excavations around the Aqsa Mosque and the Israeli attempts to Judaize the old city of Jerusalem.
Christian figures record the history of using palm leaves in celebration of Palm Sunday.
‘Adil Sa‘d comments on the pope’s recent activities and meetings in social clubs.


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