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While the British Ministry of Interior is reconsidering granting asylum to a previous officer of the Taliban, British sources revealed that the former minister of sports (during the reign of the Taliban) lives in London as an asylum seeker.
Some parents of the students, accused of providing support to the Palestinian people through the Al-Wa´ad organization, asked the Egyptian president to intervene and reconsider the status of their sons. They argued that their sons responded to the call to support Palestine by joining the group...
The writer interviewed the director of Goethe-Institute Aegypten, Heiko Sievers, and asked him about his future plan to promote cultural dialogue between Europe and Egypt and the Middle East in general.
Ahmed Abdel-Rahman, who is supposed to be a leader in Al-Qa’eda organization and the son of the spiritual leader of the Egyptian Gama’at Al-Islamiya, was detained in Kabul. His family asked for his acquittal, claiming that he had no relation with Al-Qa’eda organization.
The author believes BBC, CNN and al-Gezira have not provided objective reports about the war against the Taleban and the Al-Qa’ida movement.
With the news about the death of Abu Hafas Al-Masri, the third most important man in Al-Qa’eda organization, the Western intelligence services have directed their attention to Seif Al-Adel, the new military leader of Al-Qa’eda. Al-Adel is an Egyptian fundamentalist whose name was included in the...
Taliban refused to renew visas given to three western diplomats who are waiting in Kabul to meet their citizens working in rescue agencies. The citizens are accused of Christian missionary activity in Afghanistan.
A year after Washington launched a deadly missile strike on Afghanistan, the target, alleged terrorist Osama bin Laden, remains at large while Afghans continue to live under threat of further strikes.


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